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Students strike a pose for Barclays Money Week

Shaun Daubney
Students strike a pose for Barclays Money Week
by Shaun Daubney - Monday, 12 March 2012, 4:15 PM

Students strike a pose

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Barclays Money Week returned to Newbury College for some stylish pound stretching last week as the Level 3 Business group set their fellow students from across the College another £20 Interview Outfit Challenge.

The aim of the challenge, sponsored by Barclays and expertly compared by Kieran Vass, is to create and model an outfit suitable for a job interview, spending no more than £20.

Media students Ben Anderson and Beth Smith were first to the stage, followed by Hairdressing's Sandra Stevens and Sinead Burke, Motor Vehicle student Roshan Pettet, Child Care's Gwen Duncan and last but by no means least, Craig Marriner who is currently on a pre-16 Public Services programme from The Clere school.

Lead by Student Communications Officer Shaun Daubney, Level 3 Business Judges Yen Soh, Lyndon Parry and Zoe Watkiss quizzed the contestants on their outfits and after much deliberation and influence from the audience, awarded Ben Anderson with the first place prize.

Tutor Ben Acquaye was extremely proud of the profession attitudes and efforts displayed by his learners and said they really appreciated the support and contributions from across the College. “It is a fantastic opportunity for students to see that a professional look can be achieved on such a low budget” said Level 3 Business Student and Fashion Show Judge Lyndon Parry.