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Sport Relief game is Slam Dunk success!

Shaun Daubney
Sport Relief game is Slam Dunk success!
by Shaun Daubney - Friday, 23 March 2012, 9:01 AM

Newbury Sound and Newbury College

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As the new Sports Hall hosts its first charity basketball match, it was a close but a well fought win for Newbury Sound (The Breeze Newbury from 2 April 2012) who took victory from the Newbury College team.

Both teams stayed relatively equally for the first two quarters, drawing 24 - 24 at half time however an energetic push from Newbury Sound's ex-professional player Steve Tolloczko gave the "Feel good station" the lead.

All was not lost as last minute addition to the team, Dennis Davis, scored an impressive 3-point basket in the 4th quarter along with a flurry of points coming in from Matt Hall, Liam Hume, Mellanie Parehwa and Henry Johnson.

The game ended with a tiny 8 point difference at 54 - 46 to the away team and News Journalist Emily Tolloczko said "We'd like to thank Newbury College for inviting us to take part in this charity challenge.  We've had a great time, and are delighted to have raised money for Sport Relief. The Newbury College team demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship and made us feel very welcome, it's been a pleasure to be involved." 

Reading Rockets Coach Mark Halewood was also on hand to offer tips to both teams and commented on the promising level of talent displayed by the students. Mark will be running after College sessions every Thursday after the Easter holidays for anyone that wants to get involved (see noticeboard in the Street for details).

Spectators and players alike had a really enjoyable time with the main highlight being the £150 (to date) raised for Sport Relief 2012. Our thanks to everyone for giving up their time and/or money for this event.

Picture of Eileen Unnuk
Re: Sport Relief game is Slam Dunk success!
by Eileen Unnuk - Wednesday, 28 March 2012, 10:30 AM

Well done everyone, a great way to raise money - have fun doing it. Sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you on but my donation is going in the box today.

Maybe next year NC will emerge the victors?