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Love Yourself

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Love Yourself
by Louise Neil - Friday, 27 January 2017, 1:06 PM

From the 6th of February to 10th February the college will be focusing on loving yourself. This week will emphasis self worth and give us all a little happy boost during the cold winter.

Activities will include:

- Love Tree which you can write things you love about yourself and hang them on the tree

- Love Cupcakes

- Love Booth, enjoy a photo with the people you love such as friends or a partner

In the run up to Valentines day the college will also be hosting a speed dating event. This will be held on Friday 10th February during lunch time in the forum. It will cost £1 to enter and the proceedings will go to EightBells Charity which is a drop in centre supporting people suffering with mental health issues. If you would like to be entered for this please come and see myself about registering.