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College Foodbank now open

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College Foodbank now open
by Steve Greenwood - Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 11:35 AM

Staff, students and visitors are welcome to contribute to our Newbury College Foodbank for local families.

  The collection crate is in Reception every day from today until  Monday morning 11th December. 

Any proceeds will be collected by the charity West Berkshire Foodbank and distributed in time for Christmas. 


The foodbank parcels are nearly ready to go, so the foodbank is especially keen to collect these items to give the parcels a seasonal boost:

  • Tinned meat (not pies)

  • Chicken in white sauce

  • Squash

  • Long life milk

  • Sponge puddings

  • Mince Pies

  • Fruit juice (long life)

  • Confectionary

They are not able to take short life perishable items such as fruit.

There is an In Crisis Foodline (if you know of families in need )  Tel: 01635 760560 and most food packages are distributed via a referral voucher from local family support agencies.

Thank you in advance for supporting this worthwhile collection for our local Newbury families.