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Student record radio advert at Newbury Sound

Shaun Daubney
Student record radio advert at Newbury Sound
by Shaun Daubney - Wednesday, 19 October 2011, 1:54 PM

Students at Newbury Sound


Media students Laurence Dixon, Melisa Stevens and Jamie Child Villiers got to go on a mini field trip on Tuesday 18th October 2011 to record clips for the upcoming Open Evening radio advert at Newbury Sound's Bone Lane studios.

Based on the popular "Did you know" peanut video, the radio advert will feature voiceovers and quotes from real students talking about their positive experiences at the College.

You can check out the full advert on Newbury Sound 105.6 & 107.4FM and discover more about the 100s of full and part time courses available at the Newbury College Open Evening from 4pm - 8pm on 9th November 2011.