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SMS messages

by Shaun Daubney -

Please note - we will be using a new SMS system to contact students called JANETxt. If you receive a text from JANETxt it is most likely from us. We are currently working on changing this identifier. 

Online and Remote Lessons Procedures

by Ben Broyd -

Remote and Online Working Procedure


The college requires your agreement to the procedures for taking part in online and remote lessons. Please click this link to say you have read and understood. Please download the file to view the procedure.

We hope you are keeping safe and following government advice. 

Kind Regards

The Student Services Team

Using OneDrive

by Shaun Daubney -

As a student at Newbury College, you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications both online and on your mobile, tablet and home PC. This includes unlimited storage for you files on OneDrive.

Benefits of using Office 365 and OneDrive
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other applications on multiple devices
  • Share files with classmates and tutors
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