No Teams support for Internet Explorer

No Teams support for Internet Explorer

by Shaun Daubney -
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Microsoft Teams will no longer work if you are trying to access it via Internet Explorer.

Support for the ageing browser is slowly being discontinued by Microsoft who aim to end support for all Office 365 services by August 2021.

How do I know if I'm using Internet Explorer?
You can identify which browser you are using by the icon. If it looks like this, then you are using Internet Explorer.

What should I use instead?
The best way to access Microsoft Teams is to use the desktop app. It has more features than the web browser version and is more stable. If you are unable to use the desktop version of the app, we recommend Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is recommended for all your other college-related web browsing. It is up-to-date, secure and can sync your favourites, passwords and preferences by connecting to your college account.

How do I know if I've got Edge?
Again, you can identify which browser you are using by the icon.


My Edge looks different, what should I do?
You may be using the "legacy" version of Edge. You can tell if you have the legacy version by its icon.

Old Edge

This version will not be supported from March 2021, so it's a good idea to upgrade

You've confused me, what am I supposed to be doing?

 IE Old Edge

And if you get stuck, just ask.