Opportunities and Diversity at HSBC

Opportunities and Diversity at HSBC

by Karen Taylor -
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Insights Evening (for parents) – Opportunities & Diversity at HSBC 2nd June 18:30-19:30

Insights Day (for young people) – Opportunities & Diversity at HSBC 3rd June 12:00 – 16:00

Not all banks are the same. At HSBC, our people span many cultures, communities and continents. We are committed to facilitating their growth and enabling them to thrive both inside and outside of the organisation. 

In the modern world, Diversity & Inclusion is such an important topic which, for many of you, will be a core driver in your early career decisions. We want to spotlight these themes, alongside detailing what opportunities are on offer at HSBC to help you think about your careers. 

For parents & guardians, we would also like to get you involved as you will be influential in your child’s decision making.

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Both of these events focus on Opportunities at HSBC and Diversity & Inclusion; providing a real insight into the people who make up our workforce, and why HSBC believes everyone can find a “perfect fit” irrespective of background.

Join us to hear from a series of panellists ranging from our own Careers team, ex-Apprentices, current Graduates and different D&I champions within HSBC

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 Parents event 2nd June

 Students event 3rd June