Foodbank is now collecting!

Foodbank is now collecting!

by Steve Greenwood -
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We are now collecting food items for local West Berks Foodbank - students and staff are welcome to drop in items over the next couple of weeks. The crates to hold items will be available in reception and the donations will make a tremendous difference to the most needy members of our community.  

At this time of year the packages are short of seasonal items, so the foodbank is especially keen to collect:

·         Tinned meat (not pies)

·         Chicken in white sauce

·         Squash

·         Long life milk

·         Sponge puddings

·         Mince Pies

·         Fruit juice (long life)

·         Confectionary

They are not able to take short life perishable items such as fruit.

many thanks !
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