Frontpage Graphical Advertisements
Advertising space on Moodle is primarily reserved for the communication of important information to learners from the Learner Services & Information Centre and Learning Resource Centre. We currently operate 2 spaces for graphical advertisements on the frontpage of Moodle.

  • Banner - 480 x 100 (Max. WxH) - One week validity
  • Side - 200 x 300 (Max. WxH) - One day validity

Graphical advertisements must be provided in jpg format to with details of when the advertisement should run from. Space cannot be guaranteed and requests may be subject to prioritisation.

Frontpage News Articles (Student News)
News articles are primarily used for celebrating achievement and highlighting important (past) events and occasions. It is important to avoid words like "today", "yesterday", "tomorrow", etc as news articles will remain in an archive and will be accessable via RSS.

Photographs and images can be included but must not make up the entire article.

  • Photos - 450px(Max. H)

News articles will also run on the plasma screen via the RSS feed, however this is limited to the text only.

News stories and press releases should be sent to including (where possible) relevant photos, dates and times. Stories should be relevant to current learners.

Course Advertisements
Advertisement within a course is managed at course level and to course discretion within the remit of the IT Code of Conduct and Moodle Terms of Use.

Information on events is expected to be placed within the Calendar module. This will automatically populate the Upcoming Events block as the event approaches. For cross-College events please email the details of the event to including dates and times.

Forum (Message Board) Advertisements
Advertisements can be placed by individuals within public forums within the remit of the IT Code of Conduct and Moodle Terms of Use.

Requests for resources (inc. photo galleries & videos)
Resources can be created by administrative staff in public areas of Moodle. Please provide copies of photos/videos on a CD-Rom to the LRC Main Desk or email to including details of the event and group participating.

All Student Emails
Requests for 'all student emails' must be sent to 'All student emails' are reserved for high priority information and sent at the discretion of the Student Communications Officer. If the information is not considered to be high priority it may be delivered as a post in the public forums.

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